Being a television make-up artist herself, Beatrix Isabel Lied has founded her school for make-up art and image consultation in 1978. Her students in make-up art can especially profit from this TV background.

The education concept has been developed by Beatrix Isabel Lied based on her background as university lecturer for cosmetics and color typology. Her teaching methods and contents foster creativity and artistic finesse as well as insights from sociology and psychology.

During your education as a make-up artis you will also be qualified as color consultant. This is based on the fact, that the right color choice is of essential importance in the facial area. Beatrix Isabel Lied is an internationally renowned make-up artist and color and image consultant. She is the first and only color consultant globally to have left the conventional season-oriented schemes and with her 9r-typology has established a successful nuance-based consultation concept.

Another particularity, which make-up artists benefit from, is the way Beatrix Isabel Lied chooses colors: she considers pigmentation and creativity at the same time.

Apart from her long-time employment in the dermatological hospital and her work as make-up artist, Beatrix Isabel Lied has developed and launched a make-up line meeting highest demands.

Beatrix Isabel Lied is frequently present in TV shows as expert for outfits and is jury member in make-up championships. Additionally to their teaching activity at BEAUTY IS LIFE the other teachers of the academy for make-up art work for photo shootings, fashion shows, theaters and advertising. This guarantees up-to-date education and inclusion of latest trends.

The academy has received the seal of approval by the city of Hamburg.

   • Work on various models
   • Work with best materials
   • Latest teaching methods
   • Comprehensive courses of instruction
   • Compliance with courses of instruction
   • Assistance in finding hotel or other accommodations
   • Mentoring beyond the education - upon request

  • Beauty is life company

    Beauty is life company

    BEAUTY IS LIFE has been established in 1978 by Beatrix Isabel Lied and is market leader in image consultation ever since.
    BEAUTY IS LIFE bundles unique know-how and an unequaled product portfolio for make-up art and image & color consultation in its four business units:

    1-  Innovative, extensive Make-up line 
    2-  Equipment for color & image consultants 
    3-  Make-up Artist 
    5-  WORKSHOPS 

    BEAUTY IS LIFE is based in a former factory in the district Eilbek in Hamburg

  • Biehl Perfumkunswerke

    Biehl Perfumkunswerke

    Artworks for the nose. Biehl. Parfumkunstwerke

    The olfactory gallery biehl considers itself a stage for olfactory freedom - for perfume art well beyond mass-produced scents. A free space for the most creative perfume artists of our time.

    Quality, originality, and zeitgeist-sensuality instead of market research, marketing, and maximal margins. An uncompromising approach. And the courage to be radical.

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