Crema Barriera 250ml

This cream is designed to protect your scalp and prevent skin from getting stroke while painting. Contains rice and hydrolyzed silk, which tends to peel into the skin, and is easy to use and has a mild and refreshing aroma.

Cristalli Liquidi 115ml

This healing and healing protector, with hydrolysis silk properties, penetrates deep into the hair, closes the hair cuticle and protects hair against harmful heat from fountains, hair straighteners and hairdryers, and shines, freshness and Enhances the softness of the hair. Also, the hair is silk and rebuilds

Lucidante Anticrespo 150ml

This spray contains silicone hydrolysis, which increases the shine and gloss of the hair in highlights. Moisture prevents the hair from moisture against the oxidation process due to harmful solar and moisture rays.

Color Remove

The product of the two-phase vacuum cleaner of Baku contains two products of gel and cream. This gel and cream, with its valuable hydrazine silk compounds, restore the hair molecules to its natural and small size. After using this solution, it was completely rinsed and shampooed several times and the desired color changes are achieved.

Stain Remove Wipes

Moistened tissue specially formulated to gently remove all color staining from the skin. Soothing formula delicately removes color from the face, neck and ears.

Silkiest Recovery Kit

The kit contains two products as follows: Creatine, Moringa oil, Aloe vera extract, Vitamin 5B and Vitamin C, combined with Hydrolyzed Silk and Rice Protein, which have a positive effect on the hair shaft. The materials of these two products combine with free radicals and cause hair restoration.

Blonde Elevation Shampoo

This unique shampoo, formulated to lift blonde hair and add tone to gray hair is enriched with Silk Proteins, which provide nourishment, softness, elasticity, and shine to treated and bleached hair. Violet pigments give greater shine to blonde shades, controlling and neutralizing brassy tones in bleached or highlighted hair. Gray and white hair is given a new lease of life, leaving it with a perfect shine and neutralizing the yellow effect.

Colorpro Shampoo

COLORPRO Shampoo moistures the scalp, strengthens the hair and maintains color vibrancy for bleached or color-treated hair. This creamy, luxurious, Sulfate-Free formula, enriched with Hydrolyzed Silk and Keratin, gently cleanses and improves the health, strength and shine of the hair and helps prevent color fade. It’s low pH closes the cuticle layers and helps the hair retain moisture prolonging color vibrancy and preventing color fade.

Colorpro Conditioner

COLORPRO Conditioner deeply protects, moisturizes and strengthens the hair and scalp and maintains color vibrancy for bleached or color-treated hair. Enriched with Hydrolyzed Silk and Rice Proteins, COLORPRO Conditioner penetrates the hair shaft to rebuild and strengthen colored hair. It reconditions the hair while rejuvenating the scalp and extending the longevity of color as it closes the cuticle layers and helps the hair shaft retain moisture.

Cream Lightener

Ideal for sensitive scalp and fragile hair Hydrolyzed silk

Powder Lightener 500g

Ideal for sensitive scalp and fragile hair Hydrolyzed silk

Powder Lightener 2kg

Ideal for sensitive scalp and fragile hair Hydrolyzed silk

Permanent Hair Color

Hydrolyzed silk for ultimate shine.

Silkera Permanent Hair Color

An exclusive composition with twice the Hydrolyzed Silk for double the softness and luminosity that surpasses every age. Enriched with Keratin it penetrates the hair reinforcing it from inside. Acting as a filler it restores the dehydrated and weak areas of the hair.

Colorsplash Ph Stabilizing Spray

Color Stabilizer returns hair back to its natural pH, closes hair cuticles; protects and locks in the hair color.


9 beautiful shades + 1 neutral (for pastel results) for seamless color results: Provides a superior, high fashion customer experience through the COLORSPLASH unique, advanced formula. Expand your salon’s service menu with a color that works for everyone. Retain satisfied clients who can choose from an infinite number of COLOR SPLASH nuances.

Dev Plus Vol 10

3% - toning (on bleached hair or with méches).

Dev Plus Vol 20

6% - colouring and lighten of level.

Dev Plus Vol 30

9% - colouring and bleaching from 1 to 3 levels.

Dev Plus Vol 40

12% - bleaching from 4 to 5 levels (high-lighten).