palette two in one

The BEAUTY IS LIFE palette two in one contains six different shades, that can be used both as eyeshadow and eyebrow powder. When used as an eyeshadow, its fine texture can be applied as gently and as intensively as desired. To emphasize and correct your eyebrows, apply two in one with one of the special eyebrow brushes from BEAUTY IS LIFE.

palette berrylicious

The BEAUTY IS LIFE palette berrylicous contains six eyeshadow color shades, that can be used alone or in combination with each other. They make your eyes shine through specially chosen, fine pigments and add intensity and depth to your look.

The eyeshadow is very skin-friendly and water-repellent with a natural moisture complex and a magnesium compound.

Due to its fine texture you can apply the color as gently or intensely as desired.


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