Enter the world of Bacò, the Professional Hair Care and Hair Color line enriched with Hydrolyzed Silk and Rice Proteins, to achieve intense color and rejuvenated hair, full of vitality.


Colorsplash semi permanent toner with Hydrolyzed Silk and Keratin. Tones and colors streaks and highlights, perfect for creating intense or pastel shades, giving shine and leaving the hair soft and silky.


Maraes is the Hair Care line enhanced by luxurious ingredients of the highest quality. It combines the gesture of beauty Rituals, Monoi de Tahiti Oil and natural anti-oxidants, treating hair with care and gentleness.


Purify, condivide con ogni donna le sue passioni, dando vita ad un perfetto mix tra amore e protezione, regalando ad ognuna il giusto tocco glam. Profumi inebrianti, colori accattivanti, ingredienti scelti con cura che miscelati insieme danno vita alla nostra favola moderna.


Formulazioni all’avanguardia a base di Tea Tree Oil, ingredienti naturali e piante vegetali officinali per garantire una soluzione specifica ad ogni problema con una gamma completa di trattamenti.

Style Perfetto

To capture the inspiration, do not wait for the perfect moment: take it and make it unique with Perfect Style
Seeing is already a creative act in itself. Take the best that exists and improve it. If it does not exist, create it with Perfect Style
Evolution passes through narrow doors. It is for those who are constantly looking for news, for those who know they have skills that do not use. Pull it out with Perfect Style

The Company

Ours is a story of passion, passed down from father to son for three generations. A story that began back in 1981 with Antonino Vitulli, father of Silvano, and that continues growing even now.
Directing today are Mr. Vitulli’s three grandchildren, Francesco, Nicola and Romolo, who have brought our presence to more than 35 countries around the world providing us a young and cutting edge vision.
We support and guide hair stylists in their everyday work. Through research, development and experience we produce innovative and high-quality products allowing the creation of endless color combinations and looks for every need.
Our true aspiration is to blend quality, style and trends and become the spokesperson and source of inspiration for “Kaaral Made in Italy” everywhere.
Driven by the desire to evoke emotion and share our passion, our corporate vision is to create a spirit of belonging to the brand where each Hair Stylist and end customer feels like apart of the “Kaaral Family“.
From our inception to the present day, we have been growing steadily.This is due to our R&D laboratories, our specialized team and our advanced technologies formulating new products everyday that are the emblem of scientific research, innovation and market trends.