Eye Make-up


The Beauty Is Life Eyeshadow – Solo Shiny Makes Your Eyes Shine Through Specially Chosen, Fine Pigments And Adds Intensity And Depth To Your Look

diamond sparkle

Beauty Is Life Diamond Sparkle Is An Eyeshadow With A Color Intense, High Gloss Diamond Effect. The Various Colors Can Be Mixed With Each Other, And Can Be Applied On The Skin In Combination With The Beauty Is Life Transparent Primer Oder The Beauty Is Life Multi Touch Magic Primer.

perfect shine

Beauty Is Life Perfect Shine Are Fine Pigments, That Are Applied As An Eyeshadow. All Colors Are Mixable With Each Other. The Color Intense Eyeshadow Is Available In – Partly Two-colored –shimmering Nuances. For A Breathtaking Color Experience.

multi black magic primer

Beauty Is Life Multi Black Magic Primer With Its Luscious Black Pearly Texture Is Ideal For The Perfect Fixation Of Beauty Is Life Diamond Sparkle Or Beauty Is Life Perfect Shine.

eye contour-liner

Through Its Smooth Consistency The Beauty Is Life Eye Contour-liner Allows For A Comfortable But Precise Application Of The Lid Line. This Liner Has Been Developed Especially For The Sensitive Eye Area.

eyebrow perfection

Beauty Is Life Eyebrow Perfection Lends Your Eyebrows A Natural Color. Its Ultra Fine Consistency Allows You To Highlight Your Eyebrows Naturally And Shape Them Perfectly. With The Integrated Brush The Color Is Applied Easily And Precise.

eyeliner cake

With Their Intense Colors The Beauty Is Life Eyeliner Cake Give A Very Special Glance. The Various Shades Can Be Combined With Each Other In All Conceivable Variations.

eyeliner fluid

This Liquid Eyeliner In An Intensive Black Impresses By It's Very Simple Application And Can Be Put On The Eyes Within A Few Seconds. The Velvety Soft Texture Of The Beauty Is Life Eyeliner Fluid Lasts Through The Whole Day And Stages Masterly Your Eyes With A Perfect Line.


Cream-liner Or Gel-liner Is The Modern And Current Alternative Of The Eyeliner Consistency. Beauty Is Life Cream-liner Grants Your Eyes An Ideal Color-underline. Its Ultra Fine Consistency Makes It Possible, To Draw A Perfect Eye Line.

volume mascara

Owing To Its Fir-cone-shaped Brush In Combination With Its Excellent Texture The Beauty Is Life Volume Mascara Gives Fascinating Full Eye Lashes. Although Not Waterproof In A Classical Sense, The Beauty Is Life Volume Mascara Is Long Lasting, And It Has The Advantage, That It Can Be Removed Easily.

two in one eyeshadow

Beauty Is Life Two In One Can Be Cleverly Used In Two Ways: As Eyeshadow And As Eyebrow Powder To Naturally Emphasize Your Eyebrows. When Used As An Eyeshadow, Its Fine Texture Can Be Applied As Gently And As Intensively As Desired.


The Beauty Is Life Eyebrow-liner Convinces With Its Smooth Texture And Still Firm Lead. It Emphasizes And Corrects The Shape Of Your Eyebrows With Natural And At The Same Time Intensive Color Shades.

palette two in one

The Beauty Is Life Palette Two In One Contains Six Different Shades, That Can Be Used Both As Eyeshadow And Eyebrow Powder. When Used As An Eyeshadow, Its Fine Texture Can Be Applied As Gently And As Intensively As Desired.