feminine fragrance

perfume al01 - arturetto landi

usage recommendation: very feminine, classic, chic, for daytime use, especially spring and summer.
development story: the idea for blue paradise could have been originated from a trashy novel, an homage to the sweet life: a glamorous city on the mediterranean, azure blue skies, the sun glares, a light breeze is sweeping through the blooming flowers along the beach promenade. sundresses, high heels, beautiful, cheery people stroll or enjoy cold aperitifs and the summery atmosphere. the lightness of being.

perfume eo01 - egon oelkers

usage recommendation: very harmonious, sensual-feminine scent, great for evenings and cold days.
development story: the basic idea crystallised when i was visiting temples in tokyo and singapore – my very first trip to asia. although the atmosphere inside the shrines seemed strange to me, it also relaxed me, gave me a very positive feeling. the religious dedication of the people there, the smell of incense sticks, brought back memories of my time as a ministrant, recreating the deep feeling of spiritual well-being that was very much present back then. this is why the combination of balsamic notes – incense, styrax with exotic spices – are at the beginning and at the heart of ‘tigra’, which was the fragrance’s working title: my aim was to sensuously portray spiritual balance, but not necessarily with religious sentiment.

perfume eo02 - egon oelkers

usage recommendation: especially fitting for women, that prefer oriental perfumes.
development story: the concept name of this fragrance really says it all: ‘cairo’. a fascinating union of warm labdanum with the fruity punch of davana. it is a unique, exquisite combination that is attractive on both men and women. davana has a plummy, apricot-like fruitiness, but it is also reminiscent of tobacco. there is an intentionally masculine association which is underscored by spicy, woody and fresh notes: somehow strange and exotic, but also sophisticated.

perfume eo03 - egon oelkers

usage recommendation: for lovers of floral-flowery female fragrances, daytime use for spring and summer.
development story: just imagine the south of france. spring, the beginning of may. a clear, fresh morning which hints at how hot, how erotic the day could become. the time i spent there in the mediterranean is very strongly reflected in ‘gracile’, which was my working title for this fragrance. like the flowering pittosporum hedges, which are similar to orange blossom, it unites fresh, clear aspects with the lush, humid promise of indole in white blossoms. flamboyant and anything but innocent.

perfume al02 - arturetto landi

usage recommendation: complex and very extroverted feminine scent, for evenings and special events.
development story: obelisk, as al02 was previously called, is my prototype for an extroverted, elegant and very individual woman’s perfume. for me, it is the incarnation of the defiant-arrogant paris chic, glittering nights at the opera, glamorous banquets and amorous rendezvous. an obeisance to femininity.

perfume al03 - arturetto landi

usage recommendation: distinctive, elegant, and very individual scent for women who love leather notes.
development story: pure leather, as the working title suggests, is a chypre perfume with dominant leather note. the classic, herbal-fresh and cool head note is artfully paired with floral-aromatic accents, over a radiant leather-wood-moss fond. truly distinctive, masculine, without a doubt. perfect for the distinguished, sophisticated gentleman.

perfume mb01 - mark buxton

usage recommendation: very feminine, natural scent; discrete, subtle, sexy. perfect for warmer days, for daytime use in office and recreation.
development story: leaving paris. a balmy summer night in normandy – at last. i am sitting on the patio, complete peace. and the smells around me…. wow. one of these smells captivated me in particular, the big scent of gardenia. this is how ‘cut gardenia’, later mb01, was born: innocent, pure and yet very sexy. because you cannot get gardenia extract i recreated it; the naturalness of champaca absolute, accents of jasmine combined with the narcotic scent of tuberose. the base is soft and seductive: musk, sandalwood, ambergris – et voilà.

perfume mb02 - mark buxton

usage recommendation: attention violet lovers (fresh green note!). perfect daytime, sport and leasure use for modern women. apply repeatedly to refresh the head-note.
development story: sometimes the story of a scent is very simple, like mb02 – or ‘wild horses’ as it was called initially. one evening, while dining, i was particularly struck by a woman’s scent – it was chanel no. 19. i immediately had the idea of creating a masculine version for myself. i made the green violet head note slightly spicier, added a new green element, reduced the floral punch and boosted the base with labdanum, woods and leather. surprisingly, i wasn’t the only one who loved the result – women did, too – also to wear themselves. where did the working title come from? that’s very simple: when i first started working on it, ‘wild horses’ by the stones was on in the background...

perfume mb03 - mark buxton

usage recommendation: for fans of incense, amber, and musk. very erogenous perfume, especially great for going out at night or sensual dates.
development story: in mb03, or ‘nighttime’, as it was originally named, my inspiration came from several factors: my love of olibanum, an elemental component of incense. my habit of visiting churches wherever i am and drinking in their unique scent, and a night spent clubbing at the limelight in new york, a former church that was converted into a nightclub. mb03 was designed around olibanum; i updated the incense factor by adding spicy, woody aspects. musk, ambergris and styrax create a scintillating, erotic counterpoint. and it’s not only fantastic for dancing the night away…

perfume gs01 - geza schoen

usage recommendation: natural, relaxing, exotic feminine fragrance. daytime use, for office and leisure.
development story: ‘asian sensual’, which was the concept name for gs01, is an homage to thailand and indonesia, two countries i backpacked around in the 90s. i wanted to capture the new, exotic smells of asia, clear and yet sensual, in an exceptional fragrance that was feminine but not heady. what i had in my mind was the strangely soothing combination of lime juice, spicy elements and the all-pervasive aroma of basmati rice. to this i added a combination of floral and fruity notes, such as white peach, magnolia and jasmine. these accords rest on a very refined base of woody elements – vetiver, cedarwood, sandalwood – and warm musk. very intoxicating. very deep. and yet supremely relaxed.

perfume gs02 - geza schoen

usage recommendation: very unusual, modern, distinctive note for strong women, who like to provoke.
development story: my vision of modern masculinity: independence, enjoying life to the full. an urban cowboy. more likely to be found in a leather armchair in a bar than a saddle. fine cigar, strong drink – not for show, but for pure pleasure. this was the basic idea for ‘lonesome cowboy’, which later became gs02. the edgy, distinctive head note is cultivated by bitter-fruity campari orange and spicy absinthe. elegant woody notes combined with tobacco leaf absolue conjure up the presence of cigars. castoreum and the leathery-balsamic base add depth and a virile, animalic character. very sexy…

perfume gs03 - geza schoen

usage recommendation: very sexy, feminine fragrance for day and night. the classic eau de cologne theme modernized for the third millenium.
development story: the idea for it appears rather simple: rejuvenate the eau-de-cologne theme. it was however a complex restructuring process to modernize such a well-known scent. the traditional, overpowering freshness of orange flower, neroli, and citrus notes needed the depth, warmth, and lasciviousness of modern musk notes, benzoe siam, moss, and castoreum. the result: ostensibly clear and innocent – provocatively innocent, disrespectful – how beautiful.

perfume pc01 - patricia choux

usage recommendation: fresh, lively daytime-feel-good scent. apply frequently to enjoy the delicious headnote.
development story: holidays on tahiti. my favorite memory – my fragrance memory – includes mango. sometimes creamy, sometimes as tart as a sorbet, with hints of sweet vanilla. this fruity freshness is combined with tiare, my favorite flower. it is native to tahiti and is the island’s authentic scent. these two ingredients form the basis for pc01, or ‘mango tree forest’ as it was initially called. i did not make the floral note of the tiare as narcotic as it can be; my version is light, airy, watery: my island holidays.

perfume pc02 - patricia choux

usage recommendation: crazy, happy, unconventional scent for her and him. sensual, polarizing, sexy. preferably for evenings, very extroverted.
development story: my ‘hippie essence’, as i originally called pc02, is a little bit crazy. it all started with my love of patchouli. for many years i had a vision of creating a modern, feminine fragrance using it, a scent that wasn’t musty, old-fashioned or masculine, as is often the case with patchouli. so i combined it with sweet-sugary elements, rose and oriental basenotes. the result? sassy audacity. in a bottle.

perfume hb01 - henning biehl

usage recommendation: powerful, complex, classy floral fragrance. perfect for rose and jasmine lovers, very feminine and elegant.
development story: my first visit to paris in the mid-80s. spring, blossoms, flowers everywhere. lilies of the valley sold on street stalls. glorious intoxication in the bois de boulogne. magnificent bouquets in the lobby of my hotel. it is no surprise that may is characterised by a dominant floral complex. another thing that also impressed me then was the scent of elegant parisian women at the opera. one would walk past them and catch a hint of base notes that had been developing on the skin for several hours – mmmh. this subtle, self-confident eroticism is present in the base of may, rounded off by fruity elements of cassis and raspberry: slightly playful, but oh so very artful and refined.